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Lenae Release Method


Accept. Express. Release.
Accept the emotions you feel. Express them through Movement. To Release these Emotions from the self!


Get to Know Us

The Lenae Release Method is a technique utilized by Express & Release Therapeutic Dance Company.

It provides guidance to participants as they engage in movement to release emotions stored in their bodies, aiming to reduce stress, anxiety, and enhance overall well-being.

Through the Lenae Release Method (LRM), we invite kids and adults to dance, breathe, and journal to connect to their body, mind, and heart relationships to find hope, healing, and restoration in their bodies.

We do not see emotions as negative or positive, rather feelings that are valid, true, and need to be expressed in safe ways that do not harm the self, others, or the environment. 

Our Technique

The Curriculum

 To establish an inclusive and accepting atmosphere that embraces the body's presence within a safe and nurturing space, free from the burdens of shame and apprehension, we refrain from imparting technical methodologies, recognizing that such approaches tend to scrutinize the body and hinder its natural movement.

Instead, our aim is to foster an environment that fosters imaginative exploration, igniting a sense of liberation, self-discovery, and unwavering self-assurance.

The LRM technique improves one's mental health and wellbeing teaching self-love, self-expression, and emotional regulation

The Benefits

Experience relief and empowerment as you manage depression through the transformative power of movement.

Discover a holistic approach to anxiety management that goes beyond medications, using movement as a powerful tool for healing.

Unlock the potential for your clients to discover hope, healing, and restoration through the profound connection between their mind, body, and emotions.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth as you unlock the untapped magic of movement, allowing it to guide you towards greater well-being.

Harness the transformative power of movement to facilitate deeper discussions and promote healing, creating profound shifts in both individuals and communities.

Become part of a supportive and inspiring community by joining the LRM Provider Network, where you can share your expertise, connect with like-minded professionals, and make a lasting impact on the lives of others.

Our research-based movement method helps individuals who learn to feel comfortable and confident expressing their emotions through movement.

Who can


Is the Lenae Release Method Suitable for You?

We provide comprehensive education and training programs for professionals and individuals in the mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness industry.


Our focus is on empowering these individuals to facilitate the movement of emotions through the body, resulting in emotional regulation, stress and anxiety reduction, alleviation of depression, improvement of body image, release of emotional stagnation, restoration of self-confidence, and cultivation of self-love.


With our expertise, we equip businesses and individuals with effective movement solutions to support their clients and those in their care.

100% of our Pilot providers stated they would recommend the Lenae Release Method for Professionals training to a friend

Steps to Certification

1.Choose Your Population

We offer two training curriculums -LRMP and LRMK. These different movement methods cater to the neurological development of the brain and ability to process and connect to the mind-body-heart relationship.  

3. Meet your Cohort

Our 3-month process of training and education is not done in isolation. Once you have been accepted into your track, begin meeting your cohort. 

5. Online Assessment

This online assessment addresses topics covered in the online learning program and training workshop.

7. Certification

Receive your personalized Certificate that indicates that you are an LRM provider and join our network of amazing people utilizing movement to help with stress release, emotional regulation, and depression.

2. Apply for Your Track

Once you have decided on your population, then you can apply for your movement method track.

4. Join a Training Workshop

Join an online or in-person workshop, which offers an immersive experience with expert facilitators.

6. Coaching & Mentorship

Receive one-on-one mentorship with an expert facilitator as you conduct 10 hours of learning workshops.

8. Quarterly Support

For a full year, receive quarterly coaching calls from expert facilitators to answer any questions, to support your workshops, and to help you feel confident in teaching the LRM curriculum to your audience.

What People are Saying about our Training:


This represents years of study, therapy and growth! Thank you for sharing it with the world!


The most helpful part was the ease in going through the online platform, it's clear to the point.
The least helpful part, I'm not sure because it was smooth for me!


The most helpful was the break down of different movement techniques that can be used with clients. I also appreciated the handouts for each section. 

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