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About the Lenae Release Method

Knowledge is Power!

 Express & Release Therapeutic Dance was founded with a deep commitment to empowering individuals through the art of dance, facilitating self-expression, stress relief, and emotional regulation. Our mission is to create inclusive and nurturing spaces where people can freely explore their emotions, allowing them to be released and find liberation through movement.

 Our classes cater to both dancers and non-dancers, providing a unique opportunity to slow down, pause, and consciously engage with our breath and bodies. We prioritize authenticity over routine, encouraging participants to explore the emotions residing within their bodies. By embracing this mindful approach, we aim to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and establish a harmonious connection between mind, body, and emotions.

 Our focus is not solely on dance technique, but rather on the expression of one's inner self and emotions. Participants, both adults and children, have reported feeling a sense of calmness, heightened body confidence, and a lighter emotional state after engaging in our classes and workshops.

The founder of Express & Release Therapeutic Dance, who developed the Lenae Release Method, holds a Master's degree in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Her research centers around the cultural rejection of movement and the body in Euro-American society, with a specific focus on how movement can be embraced and embodied within the American context. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Recreation and Event Management from the University of Florida, with a double minor in dance and nonprofit leadership.


Drawing from her extensive knowledge, she has designed this training program to equip professionals with a movement practice that fosters safe spaces for clients to accept and express their emotions, ultimately facilitating their release.

 As a professional dancer herself, she has been a member of the 2911 Contemporary Dance Company for over 15 years. Through her personal experience, she has discovered the transformative power of engaging with the body to release emotions and heal from traumatic and stressful events. Her work has involved collaborating with various communities across the United States, learning how movement can serve as a source of healing, safety, and solace amidst life's constant changes.

 Through her research, she identified a gap in professionals' understanding of how to effectively engage clients with their bodies, often focusing solely on the mind. Similarly, teachers and parents strive to create spaces where children can freely express their emotions, yet often lack a structured approach. In response to these findings, she has developed comprehensive curriculums to bridge these gaps, providing professionals, parents, teachers, and more with the necessary tools and knowledge to create supportive and empowering environments that embrace and invite movement.

To learn more about the parent company that serves as the foundation for the Lenae Release Method, check out:
Express & Release Therapeutic Dance

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