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 The Lenae Release Method serves as the core technique utilized in our classes to guide participants in the releasing stored emotions within their bodies, ultimately fostering a reduction in stress and anxiety while enhancing overall well-being.

 Through our comprehensive online and live virtual trainings, mentorship, and ongoing support individuals will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to independently teach the Lenae Release Method (LRM) to their clients. Certified LRM providers will possess the ability to effectively guide their clients through the transformative experience of emotion release.

Become a certified provider in less than 3 months through completing 10 hours of Online classes and a Live training, experiencing a virtual or in-person workshop, and engaging in 10 hours of mentorship while facilitating learning workshops. 

Once certified we do not leave you there, we offer ongoing support through quarterly coaching calls to help you succeed within your first year of utilizing our method.

While the certification does not encompass in-depth theoretical aspects of the method, it focuses on equipping providers with the tools to support their clients throughout the emotion release process.

 Our movement styles transcend the realm of dance technique, prioritizing the authentic expression of self and the emotions dwelling within. Feedback from adults and children who have participated in our classes and workshops reveals a sense of tranquility, heightened body confidence, and emotional lightness resulting from the release of their innermost emotions.

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