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My name is Gabrielle Rivero and I am excited to meet you and go on this journey with you.

I am a non-clinician expert on helping adults and children learn how to recognize and release emotions in the body through movement. I am the founder of the Lenae Release Method, which is a research-informed movement method that helps adults and kids learn how to accept, express, and release emotions in the body through movement.


I am the CEO and founder of Express & Release Therapeutic Dance which creates safe spaces for individuals to learn how to become comfortable and confident in expressing their emotions through movement.

I began my dance career in 2005 learning lyrical and hip-hop dance in religious spaces. After performing and training in Florida, I began my own non-profit organization, Heartbeat of the Arts (HBA), teaching the arts to at-risk youth while simultaneously receiving my BA degree in Recreation and Event Management with a double minor in dance and nonprofit organizational leadership. While serving as the CEO of HBA, I saw how the children used dance to find healing, safety, and refuge from their unpredictable world.


After serving as the Founder and President of this organization, I moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a deeper dance training to better understand societal perceptions of the body and of movement. In LA, I was an awarded scholarship participant with Athletic Garage Dance Center to master the styles of ballet, salsa, hip-hop, and contemporary dance. Simultaneously I received a MA of Theology degree focusing on the Euro-American rejection of movement and the body to better understand how we can embrace and embody movement within our American culture. Through my extensive research, I have learned the benefits of engaging with the body to release, emote, and heal from traumatic and stressful events that occur daily.


I hope to use my extensive dance research to help the people across the world learn the untapped magic of movement to address stress, anxiety, depression, low confidence, and emotional dysregulation.

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