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Mustard Flowers

Press or Media Inquires

Our parent company, Express & Release Therapeutic Dance is on a mission to normalize dance in being used for stress relief and coping with life’s daily transitions. We are trying to cultivate healthier societies that foster relationships with the self and the community. We want the people of our community to learn different ways to safely express themselves through movement and not be afraid to feel overwhelming emotions.


Our hope is through these trainings and curriculums, we can equip our community with the resources and skills to create safe spaces for people to use movement for self-expression, stress relief, and emotional regulation.

With our founders extensive research on the rejection of Euro-American dance throughout history and her approach to this emotion release method,  we often get asked lots of questions about the how and the why of the type of work that we do.


For all speaking and general media request, please contact us below.

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108 Nuttree Way, Durham, NC 27713, USA


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